Creative X-Fi and Windows 7 64-bit

By Tamar
Nov 14, 2011
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  1. I have made exhaustive enquiries with Creative Support ans Shop, trying to find a PCIe card that will give me all the bells and whistlles that I had under Windows XP, with my Creative SB X-Fi Extreme Audio card.
    This card with its updated drivers, does not like Win 7.64 bit at all. It crackles and spits like fat on a fire.
    I have repeatedly supplied my card's serial number to Creative, but the advice I have received still leaves me unsure of which product to replace my existing card with.
    That is where you folks come in, has anyone had similar problems upgrading from XP to Win 7. Better still has anyone had problems with Creative SB X-Fi running on Win 7?
    I'm so cheesed off I'm ready to go and just throw some money at the problem, but I'd really like to know in which direction to throw it!!
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    What bells and whistles are you looking for? I've been using an X-Fi on Win 7 64-bit since Win7 came out... and with no problems. I output via toslink to a receiver and have no crackling or quality issues at all.
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    Thanks both,

    In XP I had a graphical Interface for all modes including speaker setup, I use Creative Mediasource 5, Creative WavStudio 7 (which is working fine), and all the sound enhancements are accessed graphically.
    All that I have as a Console Launcher is a tabbed Windows type which doesn't even allow me to set my Ceative T1600 5.1 speaker system.
    And... I have no Diagnostics,
    I have tried downloading ALL drivers available from Creative without success. At installation I am told that the installer can not find a compatible product on my PC.
    I still have the original disk but I'm not happy about installing it on my XP virtual machine.

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