Critical update for Intel Core CPU's

By Rilla927
Aug 4, 2007

    Critical update for Intel Core CPUs is out

    Have Intel processor? Download the fix right now

    A COUPLE OF WEEKS ago, we heard that Dell was dealing with a certain situation considering Intel dual-core MCW and quad-core KC marchitecture, and that the company was releasing urgent BIOS and microcode versions for its line up.

    We learned that the affected CPUs are the Core 2 Duo E4000/E6000, Core 2 Quad Q6600, Core 2 Xtreme QX6800, QX6700 and QX6800.

    In the mobile world, people with the Core 2 Duo T5000 and T7000 need to visit Microsoft's site, while the server guys will want to use motherboard BIOSes if they do not rely on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    The affected servers are Xeon 3000, 3200, 5100 and 5300s - or just about every model from the second generation of Core marchitecture.

    Oddly enough, Yonah - 32-bit Core Duo processor - isn't among the affected cores.

    We are assured that no product recall will happen, and that La Intella took all appropriate steps in order to minimise damage to its public image, because if a product recall happened, Intel's credibility would be ruined for good.

    Anyway, if you have a Core CPU based machine, go to the link below to download the update. AMD processors are not affected at all, in case you were wondering. ยต
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