Crossfire questions?

By Kitch
Dec 29, 2006
  1. I'm not sure if I understand ATI crossfire very much.

    I thought I would try it out on a new build and I did, you can read my specs in my sig below.

    Anyways I bought my card and on the box it said I needed a
    1. crossfire mobo(which I have)
    2. a crossfire edition gfx card.
    Apparently I only had a crossfire ready card.
    My question is: What card could I buy to enable crossfire most effectively?

    I think the other card has to be in the same "family" as in another 1600 card
    I had my eye on an x1650xt for around $150

    No real budget because this is just a plan for the future.

    any help appreciated
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