Crysis 3 Gameplay (Very High Settings) on Three Monitors

  1. Crysis 3 Gameplay (Very High Settings) - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

    So, I'm basically able to max Crysis 3 out (minus some small AA detail) whilst maintaining decently playable framerate with this setup. All of this on three monitors! WOW!! Crysis 3, really? Remember when Crysis was released and no one could max it out for at least another year or two, even with the HIGHEST of the HIGH-END hardware? Now, we're maxing this game out with year-old, medium-high-end hardware. Thank you, consoles? :cool:
  2. St1ckM4n

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    How? TS's Crysis3 bench showed that at 1080p with all set to max you're barely getting 30-40fps on high-end hardware.

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