CSS advanced video settings bug

By IpeXeuS
Sep 4, 2006
  1. Hello there,

    Now I've issue with Counter-Strike: Source advanced video settings. Ok, let say that I change some advanced video settings, such as "Shadow detal" High to Low and "Filtering Mode" Anisotropic 4X to Bilinear etc. and click aply, everything is ok. But then comes this issue, when I restart my CSS, values I just changed are back on values before changes. Hmm, aint that weird? So now I ask you guys, if you have any ideas, what might cause this so called bug?

    I would approciate that, once again! ;)

    Cheers, IJ
  2. Ollie30001

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    hmmm, same problem (i just want to go the other way, low to high

    its strange
  3. IpeXeuS

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  4. Vigilante

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    Are you running the game from a limited user account or admin?

    My guess is that the config file, for some reason, is read-only and the new settings are not "sticking" because of it.
    You could try going in your Valve-Steam folder and rightclicking the game folders, choose properties and look for the read only box. If it is checked, or is checked but with a grey-looking check, the click it until it's unchecked, and apply to all subfolders and files.

    Then try again. If that doesn't work, you can try finding the config file and edit it manually and see if you can get the settings to stick.

    Otherwise, I really have no clue!
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