CTL launches 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2

By Matthew
Apr 26, 2010
  1. CTL has announced the launch of its new 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2, which seems to be derived from the Classmate teased by Intel in March and is a successor to the "wildly popular" NL1. The ruggedized 10.1-inch netbook has a 1024x600 touchscreen and is powered by Intel's 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor.

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  2. That device in the photo is actually the NL1 that was announced in 2008 and released in 2009. It had an 8.9" touch screen as opposed to the 10.1" screen on the NL2. It also had a non-standard 1.8" PATA HD (60GB), Intel Atom N270 CPU as opposed to a standard notebook 2.5" HD and the newer Intel Atom N450 CPU..
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