d600 and d800 problems

By mcdist
Feb 18, 2007
  1. okay Ive got two laptop problems with a d600 and d800.

    my d800 actually displays it is an m60 (which is similar boards). when I power on with power supply it shuts down after 2 seconds. when I power on with only battery it displays:

    This computer is docked and only battery power is detected. This can happen if the power adapter is missing, the power cord is unplugged, or the computer is not properly connected to the docking station.

    You should undock, redock, attach a power adapter, or plug in the power cord.

    Strike the F1 key to shutdown.

    also on d600

    it powers on with ldd lights on but no beep and lcd is blank, then shuts down. Ive tried replacing dimm with numerous replacements but get the same effect each time. Ive even tried a different lcd attachment.

    what to do, besides replace or service boards....

    any takers?
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