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D845HV Bios has no Video Settings?

By travis95
Apr 12, 2003
  1. I've been using computers for about 10yrs, seen a lot of bios, about 6 months ago I upgraded the bios on my computer to .P07, within the past 4 months I started playing games (BF1942, MOHAA, etc)... So I upgraded from my GF2 MX100/200, to a ATI Radeon 9100... but the games don't really run that much better... I average about 25-35 fps...

    I've upgraded to the newest drivers Chipset/Sound/Video
    Tried XP Pro & Home, same problem on both.

    Then I decided to check my bios settings, and the only video settings it has at all is 'AGP/PCI' to choose which type of video card I'm using... doesn't have AGP Aperture, Fast Write, AGP Speed... nothing... I can't even find IRQ settings in the bios...

    I don't remember if my bios had them before the update to .P07 or not, like I said I've seen plenty of bios, and have seen those settings on other computers, but don't recall if there were there on mine...

    anyone enlighten me on where those configurations are, or if they are not available on this motherboard?

    thanks alot,
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    You should be able to choose AGP aperture (though only between 64Mb (default) and 256Mb) according to your manual...

    Usually you can also set AGP speed (2x/4x/8x), and whether or not to use Fast writes...

    On my Asus A7V8X I have the following options:
    AGP speed, AGP Drive Strength, Drive N Control, Drive P Control, AGP Performance control and AGP Fast writes...
    Granted, some of them are for overclocking, but you get the idea...

    For more ifo regarding what different settings you might find in the video part of the bios, check here...

    A p4 is quite RAM dependent, and since you're using PC133 and not DDR you can attribute some of the lack of speed to that...

    BTW: what settings are smartgart reporting?
    (Display properties, settings, advanced, smartgart and start, run, smartgart)

    That'll help us give you advice to speed up your gaming experience :)
  3. travis95

    travis95 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nope to aperture settings either... smartgart reports 4x agp, and fast write enabled.
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