DDR2 ram 800mhz to 1066mhz

By mitch04
Sep 16, 2008
  1. hi I have had this ram Geil DDR2 4G PC2-8500 1066Mhz(2x2G) CAS 5 GeiL for about 6 months thinking that my pc is already set to 1066mhz and found out today its not. Im trying to overclock it to 1066mhz on the bios but having problems. The motherboard is Asus P5KC S775 QuadCore P35 FSB1333 DDR2+3 2xPCIEx16 SATA2 F/W.LAN ATX. now when is set the ram to 1066mhz computer says overclock failed so i put the voltage to 2.4v still not working what should I do?
  2. mitch04

    mitch04 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 154

  3. mitch04

    mitch04 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 154

    k got a problem, I got it working 1066mhz but after about an hour the computer just freezes up and gives me a blue screen something about dump. could my ram be faulty?
  4. EXCellR8

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    You many have to loosen the timings a bit to have the RAM run more stable. Since that motherboard supports a variety of RAM types, it is possible that the memory you are trying to run may just need to be tweaked a bit. In BIOS, make sure the command rate is set to 2T for the RAM and FSB/DRAM speeds are unlinked. Once that's all set, loosen up the CAS value by 1 and see if that helps. If not, you can try adjusting the tRAS as well. PC2-8500 runs at 1066mhz and your motherboard supports that speed so you shouldn't have any issues while the front-side bus and ram are unlinked in BIOS.
  5. mitch04

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    nah still no luck mate. maybe im setting the voltage too high? 2.4.
  6. EXCellR8

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    I would just run the RAM at the stock voltage...

    You might have better luck with a BIOS update. If there is a new build available you could try flashing and maybe the board will run stable afterward. If not, try swapping DIMM slots with different modules or try leaving a gig or two uninstalled temporarily. That should give you a better idea of what is at fault.
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