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By jake32
Mar 10, 2008
  1. recently bought a computer from company going out of business.. When I boot it up i get the screename asking for name and password. Since company went out of business I obviously have no access to this information.. What can I do to remove this and add XP
  2. raybay

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    Attempt a reformat and reinstall... Use the free download of KillDisk... replace the hard drive.
    But if the password is for the motherboard rather than the hard drive, you will have a very difficult time, depending on the brand and model.
    This difficulty became enhanced in about April of 2005, then March of 2006, as corporate and government security issues hit the news.
    For instance, IBM and Lenovo Thinkpads are extremely difficult to correct, and Lenovo will not help you. Dell difficulty depends on the model, as do Compaq and HP. Sony is very difficult to impossible for most of their recent laptops.
    Many Sony, Dell, and Thinkpad units are designed to not be repairable, except by replacing the motherboard.
    There can be three levels of password.. Windows, Hard Drive, and Motherboard... each is progressively more difficult to solve.
    Look at the many postings on this forum. Then if no luck, call the company who built it, and find out how to transfer ownership. Once ownership has been established... which usually takes three weeks, and can be as long as seven, then ask for the help of the manufacturer tech support.
    Good luck. Let us know what happened.
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