Deletion of Recovery drive

By computerdumb123
Apr 18, 2009
  1. I have no computer smarts what so ever so bear with me, and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    So a couple weeks ago I got home from work and wanted to play some games. I noticed i was hitting ping from 5 - 360 in seconds so i thought i'd run ccleaner and some anti virus software. nothing was working so at first I thought i had some type of virus but i just started deleting things in control panel that i didn't recognize. So this problem was going on for several weeks and the lag had significantly gotten worse so i decided to reformat. I go into my computer and im right clicking on my c drive and my d drive and i don't see anything that said reformat but i noticed a format under the recovery d drive. Now remember i'm computer retarded... and no i didn't take time to look up on google what the format would do...So you can probably guess that when i formated my recovery drive it deleted absolutely everything. Now when i try to reformat it says i have no recovery drive or something along those lines. Is their anything i could possibly do ? or do i have to call hp and get a new recovery disc sent to me.

    Sorry about the whole ping thing i know it has nothing to do with it but it just leads up to the whole deletion part
  2. Tmagic650

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    "I have no computer smarts what so ever so bear with me...
    "Now remember i'm computer retarded..."

    So why in the World did you do this yourself?? The recovery partition is not absolutely needed, but it did contain some useful utilities you could have used like a "full System Restore" that would have returned your system to it's factory setup, programs and all. You will need to get an XP or Vista install disc and install the operating system from that disc. Or contact HP and have them send you a restore disc for your model computer
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