Dell c600 Latitude won't power on

By HollyRene
Mar 14, 2012
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  1. I just got a dell c600 latitude. Yes it's old but it was free and I only need it for internet. It had no battery and no cd drive. Not worried about the drive but I did buy a new battery. It wouldn't power on with just the adapter or the battery. I did some research and I removed and reseated the harddrive and the memory but still nothing. I'd really like to use this as a second web browsing computer. Can someone help?? :(
  2. Cerf

    Cerf TS Rookie Posts: 23

    Is the adapter okay? Test the adapter, does it output a voltage, at all?
  3. HollyRene

    HollyRene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the adapter has the green steady light on so i assume it's ok. I don't have anything to test the voltage.
  4. HollyRene

    HollyRene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    We paid 40 dollars for the battery and need to get this figured out without paying a fortune for a repair person to simply look at it and tell us what it is.

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