Dell e1705 blank screen when put on charger ok on battery

By eyemfedup2
Sep 6, 2011
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  1. hi all

    heres one for you
    i have a e1705 dell
    when i plug in the charger the screen goes blank but still runs
    i turn it off and plug it in and it charges fine and runs fine off the battery
    only when its plugged in does it not show the screen

    the power supply is good as its of my m1710
    no problem and i believe its a 90 watt

    new battery and does the same thing with the old battery which seems to be still in good shape

    tried turning it on without the battery once again black screen but you can here it running

    turn it off plug it in charge the battery unplug the charger and works fine

    im running out of ideas guys

    ive never seen this happen before have you
    thanks as always

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