Dell inspiron 5100 laptop overheating.

By morid_dll
Jan 27, 2007
  1. I have a Dell inspiron 5100 laptop and it the 2.66GHzCPU keeps heating reaching a degree of about 75C = 167F, I downloaded speedfan but it doesn't work at all. I need something to cool my cpu down, what sugesstions might be good for that? Thank you all for helping me with that.
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    First off, welcome to techspot!

    Now on to your question.

    Now you didnt mention what make/model your CPU was and how you were getting the temp. Is that temp at idle?

    Notebook CPUs are cooled with a small cooler in a very confined place. Heat will naturally get high, and if your CPU will get pretty toasty under load. (Gaming, ripping music etc) and there is not that much you can do to cool it down, but you can try

    A. elevating the notebook. I put mine on bottle caps when I game and I notice a couple of degree difference.
    B. Buying a aftermarket cooler to put on the bottom of the laptop. I have never used one so I can not say if they work or not. But the reviews on newegg seem to be positive. An example of these coolers can be found here
    C. You could go as far as removing the panel under your CPU or even reapplying thermal paste on the CPU heatsink but that would void the warranty of the laptop and should only be done if you know how to apply thermal paste properly.

    hope this helps!


    PS. Speedfan is a great utility but it has some chipsets/CPUs that it simply will not work on, my laptop being one of those as well.
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    The laptop may need cleaning by a qualified technician or laptop repair facility
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    Well first off you want your fans spinning @ 100 percent,, soo no app is going to help you get cooler,

    75c is fairly hot, Hows the PC working ? Do you get crashes a lot ?

    It can operate under that temp but the life will be much shortened,

    The norm for your cpu should be no higher then 63c to 65c ,, on full load,

    Try opening the side of the case, or however that Dell opens,,

    also open your room window as well,,,,,,

    Get back then and tell us your load temps,,,, you can monitor with speedan,,, good luck buddz,
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    "Well first off you want your fans spinning @ 100 percent,, soo no app is going to help you get cooler"...

    A "healthy" laptop will cycle it's fan(s) off and on. This is done to conserve batteries
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    Computer specifications

    Hopefully this will help you identify the solution to my problem.

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    Just how would these specs help us determine why your system is running hot? Does your laptop freeze or crash at all?

    Answers to the questions posted here, would go much farther in helping solve this
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  9. morid_dll

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    OK guys, I've fixed the problem my self and now the CPU doesn't overheat any more. The computer never crashed nor the system got frozen when the CPU was hot because the fan was going about 6400 RPM(which is ridiculous) whenever the CPU's temperature reach 75C. But now, I've fixed the problem by cleaning the fan and putting thermal compound material on the CPU. The temperature now of the CPU is about 45C with a completely stopped FAN. And when there is a full load for a long period of time- let's say like a game or watching DVD, the temperature goes up to no more than 59C @ 3100 RPM of fan spinning. This means that the computer will never slow down because the CPU hot or whatever the reason might be.
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    The 5100 is infamous for those kinds of troubles. Watch it closely. Clean it every three months or so.
  11. tweakboy

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    They do have laptop cooling devices, You should pik one up,
  12. raybay

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    Rarely work well enough for most users to continue using them.
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