Dell inspiron 6000 bios password removal

By bontre
Dec 30, 2007
  1. Hello there, I need help unlocking my laptop
    Is there anyone that could help me?

    I get the gray screen asking for administrator password.

    Please help''

    My service tag number is H7J3M71

    email removed
    thank you so much''

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  3. trimjim007

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    Dell Inspiron setup config password needed

    I may not be posting this in the right spot, I'm new her and need help. I reciently purchased a used Inspiron 3700 laptop. I cannot change setup because it is password protected. I called Dell technical support and they told me that I had to change ownership before I could get help from them. Appariently there is a master password that would help.

    Unfortunately I do not know the name of the person on record at Dell and they will not help. Can anyone out there help me?

    I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  4. kimsland

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    Yes you are, except you need to post your own thread
  5. arguc

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