Dell Inspiron not working on AC after DC jack repair

  1. I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 that was dropped about a year ago and it hasn't really been right since. The d/c jack was loose after the fall, and it eventually got to where it wouldn't power up at all. I sent it out to a shop that specializes in D/C jack repairs, and it came back after presumably being repaired.

    The battery was totally charged when I got it back, and the machine did start up with the A/C adapter plugged in. However, it got as far as the screen with the Windows XP logo and the screen went blank, although the battery light was still on. I tried starting it back up again without the A/C adapter. This time, it booted up like it was supposed to and reached the desktop, but was running very sluggishly. When I plugged the A/C adapter back in, the screen went blank once again. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem was totally a d/c jack issue or if (horrors!) it's a motherboard issue. It does still seem to be charging with the A/C adapter.

    Any thoughts?
  2. mailpup

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    I'd say it is likely the fall did more damage than just to the jack. The jack was something easy to see but internally there could more damage.
  3. AJtheIrishLass

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    I was just wondering: if the cost to have it fixed by someone locally ends up being too expensive, what's the best way to deal with the data currently on my hard drive? I had heard something about being able to put a hard drive from a "dead" computer into some sort of USB casing that would allow you to easily access the files, etc. from another computer. Is this a reasonable option?
  4. tritron

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    Maybe the place had forgotten to plug in something ? Is there fan in your laptop. does it come on? It could be that fan is not pluged in and cpu overheats and it slows down. You can buy cheap 2.5" sata enclosure for your laptop drive.
  5. mailpup

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    Yes, it is. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. As long as the hard drive itself didn't get damaged in the fall, it should work. It is certainly worth a try.
  6. hughva

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  7. raybay

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    Those laptop jacks are very difficult to repair, requiring a flat solder technique, and someone who really knows what they are doing... My guess is that the jack must be reinstalled, by somebody good a flat solder techniques.
  8. AJtheIrishLass

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    It has been getting pretty hot when it's powered on. As far as I know, the fan's still running, but it never has been very loud, so it's hard to tell. I guess I'll pay the diagnostic fee and have the local place see what the problem is. I know my way around the inside of a desktop, but have never disassembled a laptop, so I'd rather leave that in more capable hands.
  9. AJtheIrishLass

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    That's good to know, because the data on the drive is the main reason for trying to keep the computer operational.
    Thanks, Hugh, for the lead on where to buy what I need.
  10. raybay

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    How do you verify that your "local place" knows what they are doing... What is their expertise on Dells of that model or type? Find out first if they are skilled in soldering techniques, and connective diagnostics.
  11. AJtheIrishLass

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    Don't worry, no problem there, I've used them before. Where I'm outside of a major metro area and don't know how to solder, I'm a bit short on options. After all, it came back from a specialist with something still wrong with it :confused:
  12. raybay

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    As you are learning, very, very few techs know how to do flat solder techniques, and usually do not have the equipment to do it properly when they have had the training.
    Good luck on your search.

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