Dell pulls out of Android tablet market in the US, for now

By Shawn Knight
Dec 5, 2011
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  1. Dell has quietly discontinued the Dell Streak 7 tablet, only a few months after the Dell Streak 5 suffered the same fate. The Streak 7 product page on Dell’s website…

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  2. bexwhitt

    bexwhitt TS Addict Posts: 291   +55

    Dell produce a tablet at a screen size no one wants, it does not sell. they discontinue it, the world continues to turn.
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,393   +108

    That Streak 7 was Powered by Android OS Honeycomb v3.2.1. What about the this one: Dell Latitude ST no mention of it..That's the new business tablet from DELL of course that runs Windows. I had the Streak 7 and sent it back because of 3 major problematic issues. Not even 3 weeks then I get rid of it! On now using two brand new Thrive 10.1" Toshiba releasing the Thrive 7" based off the 10.1".

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