Diablo 2 and Vista

By familyman14
Oct 13, 2009
  1. I just bought a new computer and it uses Vista. My old one used xp. The problem is, I can't install d2 now. When I put the install disc in, the computer prompts me to let the setup run. I do, you can hear the fan kick on and disc spinning but then it just stops. Whats the problem?
  2. familyman14

    familyman14 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 185

    Nobody knows??? :suspiciou
  3. Shifat

    Shifat TS Rookie Posts: 37

    i thnk its probably the disk, maybe the disk is scratched up. did you try any other discs?
  4. familyman14

    familyman14 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 185

    No scratches Bro, but thanks for the reply. ;)
  5. Baltan

    Baltan TS Rookie Posts: 121

    not to sure what it might be but i had the same problem when i tried to install diablo on vista the disk just spun round and round lol. i gota new one and it seemed to work fine. i have diablo 2 so i will try and install it and let you know.

    When i get my system up and running again, if anyone can help with my problem look at my posts.

    Try looking on google for any solutions might be someone else haveing the same problem but also coming up with a solution.

  6. familyman14

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    I always do a google search for anthing before I ask for advice on forums. I checked out Blizzard chat rooms and forums too. Found plenty of results showing people asking the same question but no answers. Lol. I wonder if because it's so old that it's not programmed for vista to recognize it?!?!?
    On the box it says:

  7. JenTok

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    Have you tried to download a emulator for windows xp or a other OS?
  8. benken2202001

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    d2 and vista

    If you still have the activation codes, i recommend signing up for an account at and you can use your codes to apply Diablo 2 to your account. It lets you download Diablo 2 directly onto your computer similar to Steam and Direct2Drive. This worked for me. Unfortunately diablo2 is kinda large, so the download may take a few hours. Another perk of this method is you no longer need a disk in your CD drive to play!
  9. davimous

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    I had no problems with D2 other than windows telling me it does not support this game and there may be errors.
  10. limpangel

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    If you install the lastest patch you don't need to have the CD inserted to play. You just have to copy a couple of files from the CD to the game directory and you're good to go.

    Related to this thread, I think that this might be more of a hardware problem. I installed and played both diablo 2 and expansion on a vista 64bit without any issues.
    You could do what benken2202001 said and sign-up to
  11. familyman14

    familyman14 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 185

    Thanks guys ,I will try signing up with Bnet and see what happens.
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