DIR-615 & Toshiba A10

By WileeDarklight
Oct 13, 2008
  1. Ok we got this new router (Dlink DIR-615) and it works better than any router we've ever had. Except one laptop refuses to work on it. The laptop in question is a Toshiba A10 Model No. PSA10C - 035WM. The newtork screens all show our D-Link network and shows that it has a WEP encryp. which is good 'cause I set one up. But the bloody thing won't connect to it. I hit connect, the network properties window closes, and about 4 -5 seconds later a bubble pops up at the bottom saying "One or more wireless networks are availiable. To see a list of availiable networks, click here" and there is no internet connection, but the 'availiable network' it claims to have found is the one I originally told it to connect to. If I remove the WEP, one of my other laptops can't even find the network, and the A10 says it won't connect because it doesn't like the network not having a WEP encryption. WTF?
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