Disabled one of my 9800GTs on a Vizio TV under Device Manager, can't seen anything

  1. Hi.

    I had some problems with my programs fading in and out when I opened/closed them on Windows 7. I learned that I could turn them off via 'adjust appearances & ...". It still occured for steampowered. I had some slow-motion effect apply for all my games.

    But let's get straight to the point: I assumed my graphics cards were acting up, so I went under Device Manager and disabled one of my 9800GTs. I use two 9800GT in a SLI configuration. (I uninstalled them once before, and it actually recovered, but to think I'd be dumb enough to disable one.. brilliant..)

    I don't know the specifics, but for some reason, my graphics cards are used as a 'video driver' for my monitor, or whatever that means, so when I disabled one, my screen turned black. Originally, it would go to 'RGB 1920 x 1080 60hz'

    (I can still use my PS3 on it, but that doesn't matter, HDMI isn't RGB)

    Now it just goes to 'RGB'.. .. screen turns off. What's the best thing to 'enable them?' I can't see the screen.

    Safe mode? Take out the bios piece? Take out both video cards, switch them, put them back in? Attempt to navigate to Device Manager blindly through some form of keyboard shortcut? Help.
  2. PoisonZombine

    PoisonZombine TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nevermind, fixed it myself.

    Switched the cards around.

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