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By chance-
Aug 8, 2005
  1. i am looking to buy a brand new computer and i dose not come with an OS but i can put it on there for like +89$ and i dont really want to spend that money because i already have the windows XP home disc from my previous pc. My question is do i have to have and OS on my computer already for the disc to work or can i have a plain computer and then install windows?
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    Is your current XP home CD a FULL VERSION? (in other words, it is not an upgrade version, right?).

    If it is a full version (including OEM), then you do not need to purchase a new version of windows. It will work on your new (window-less) computer.

    Question is, what are you doing with your old computer? If you are selling it to someone else, they are going to need that disk.....
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