Do you use OOP in PHP?


Do you use OOP in PHP?

  1. Yes, always!

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  2. Yes, sometimes

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By cfitzarl
Jul 13, 2008
  1. Hey all...since we don't have a programming forum, I decided to make this here :p . I know there are a lot of programmers on this site, so, as an amateur at PHP, I was just wondering if you would recommend the OOP features in PHP, or to just ignore them.

    Which do you prefer to use, functions or object-oriented programming?
    I tend to mix, for instance, I find classes to be a better way at organizing things...say I was writing a forum script, and decided to make a thread class that housed the add, edit, and delete functions, I would be able to organize it easier....

    Now, what do you think?

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    Feel free to move this if you think this belongs somewhere else ;)
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