Does a WinXP driver exist for the Acer T230H?

By bflaim
Aug 28, 2010
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  1. Bought the monitor and the guy said it would work with XP. Then i look on Acer site and it says that touchscreen-specific functions are Windows 7. Is there a way to buy a 3rd party driver? Tweak something?
  2. Leeky

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  3. ravisunny2

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    You can have a look at this :

  4. bflaim

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    The HP driver is working perfectly! The touch functions actually feel much more accurate and are more user-friendly then with the native Win7... using the monitor with my Win7 laptop feels clunky.

    Leeky and Ravi - Thank you very much!
  5. bflaim

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    Just a note. Multi-touch does not work with the HP driver. I dont need it for my purposes but important to note none-the-less.
  6. ravisunny2

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    Glad it worked for you.:)
  7. RobForresterTEC

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    I couldn't get it to work. I tried the HP Driver from the location above, but to no avail. I installed version 1.4. I even tried the dell driver and the Planar driver (version 1.5beta of the TACTIC Driver), as they all use the TACTIC touch driver and still didnt work.

    Was there a specific method you used to get it to work or did you just install it?

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