DOOM 3 Manual Install guide here!

By bushwhacker
Dec 22, 2005
  1. Hey everybody out here who have problem with installation of DOOM 3

    I got the tips from my friend and it work!

    This affect only on PC CD 1 to 3.

    Make the new folder and call it DOOM 3.

    Copy all files from CD1 to a new folder of DOOM 3

    Open folder of doom 3 and open the folder of X:\DOOM 3\Setup\Data\BASE\ (The drive X: is any location of the hard drive where you put the DOOM 3)

    Copy PK4 files from CD2 to the opened folder of doom 3, place it in BASE, nothing more (NOT EVEN RSRC!)

    Copy PK4 files from CD3 to the opened folder of doom 3.

    Run the installation and use the provided serial from your box. Install the doom 3 in default location, not with the installation files. WHen it done, run it to test it, when run correctly, delete the entire DOOM 3 setup files and run the DOOM 3 off the CD1

    Enjoy, and thank to my best friend for his help.

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