Doom ported to a calculator, video inside

By Emil
Mar 2, 2011
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  1. Doom has been ported to a calculator. Both TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS models support the video game, thanks to the work of the clever guys at the Omnimaga forums. One of the forum's users has created a video, embedded below, to show off the work of the project.

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  2. supyo

    supyo TS Enthusiast Posts: 45

    it was an honest mistake, relax people.. geez
  3. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Posts: 544

    But teachers delete all your stored data right before tests :_(
  4. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 735   +241

    That is fantastic

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 954   +273

    haha... now try it on a Timex digital watch. lol

    Pretty cool... pointless... but cool.
  6. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,573   +65

    That's what I'd be doing in math class, that's for sure.
  7. matrix86

    matrix86 TS Guru Posts: 812   +26

    Today's generation is stupid and lazy as it you're going to put video games on their calculators? it seems like every month I lose more and more faith in our future.
  8. andyo

    andyo TS Rookie

    frankly if kids these days had enough focus to try and put a game on their calculator I would be impressed.

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