Drive Image 2002 on Win98 SE: Error when using USB drive as destination ?

By hkl99
Oct 19, 2005
  1. I am trying to use Drive Image 2002 on a PC running Windows 98 SE.
    I had to update to Win 98 SE as Win 98 does not recogize the Seagate USB drive I have. I installed the Drive Image 2002 successfully.
    When I tried to create the image, Drive Image 2002 let me selected the drive I want to make an image of (C: ) and the destination drive (D: which is the USB drive). When I clicked "Final" button to proceed with imaging, it had displayed a message telling me "the job I want to do requires reboot". I clicked YES button, then it went on to do its reboot. Then I got an error with an error code #626, basically telling me "The destination device is not visible in boot mode".
    I thought Drive Image 2002 is supposed to work with USB drive, what's the problem here? Can anyone help? Thanks.
    Also, I created boot disk using this Drive Image 2002 installation. When I boot using the boot disk, I can see my USB drive. I think this is the same problem.
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