Driver Compilation? where might I find something like this?

By CyberPunkTech
Apr 28, 2008
  1. I have been building a library of drivers as I run into devices that I need them for... But I would love to see a DVD image or external storage device (HDD... jump drive) that would include a majority of the drivers out there... Maybe in a format easy to browse (IE... Dell/D600, Compaq Armada/E500, Dell Optiplex/GX270 tower, etc...), including all devices for a complete setup. And sections for each of the device types (CD, DVD, Video, and so on.)

    How about a stand alone scanning application (not internet dependent), in which I can get a list of the devices (whether there is a driver loaded on that machine or not) that would include the driver or at least the brand and model of the devices.

    {Yes, I know I can download any of these one ate a time with connection... I am not always near an internet connection at all sites}

    I am sure this is an elementary question, as there are several out there... But I am coming up with a big nothing when I go look. Everything I am running into is requiring an interent connection.

    Please do not respond with a rude comment. I am continuing my search. I will post any results here if I find something on my own or if I receive an answer from one of you through PMs.

    And thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance.
  2. CyberPunkTech

    CyberPunkTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Am I asking for a miracle?
  3. CyberPunkTech

    CyberPunkTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hopefully I can either get a start at a stand alone scanner or portable library... I have no issues adding to this on a regular basis so long as I have a starting point.

    Too many times I end up at a site with no Interent access, or limited access to local network. At these times it would be a great benefit to have this along.

    I would be happy to pass it on to anyone who would benefit from it as well.
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