Dual Operating System

By jungle5150
Feb 27, 2002
  1. hey all. i have a number of programs, quite a lot in fact, that i value on my comp. i just reformatted not too long ago and i was planning to install win2k on one hard drive and win98 on the other. however, i have found one to be unreliable, so i want to do a dual install on my one hd. i have enough space, but i want to keep both win98 and the files i have on my comp as well as win2k. is this possible? the install file says that i will have to re-install all my software. hep me hep me.
    btw, i thought bout making a ghost back up, but my hd is 32 gb and i dont want to waste that many cds. if u can tell me how to get my system on 1 cd, then that would be cool too.
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