Dual routers incl. wireless with VoIP

By newage
Nov 26, 2004
  1. I just purchased VoIP service and added their phone port router to my existing network. Original router is wireless D-Link DI 624 802.11G router. The VoIP phone router (Linksys RT41P2-AT) is hooked to the cable modem, then to the the wireless router. The wireless D-Link router broadcasts wireless signal fine, but with it's own static IP range, which is different than the Linksys phone router. The wired/wireless pc's can't talk to each other. Also, the hardwire ports on the wireless won't work (just broadcasts) and I have tried an 8 port 3com hub from the phone router to increase number of ports and that won't work either! I was so glad to save money with the VoIP but this has mucked up my network. I can't pass data between the wireless nodes and the wired. Any suggestions? P.S. I can ping host pc from wireless to wired and connect thru Terminal Services but this does not help me with data transfers. Please help! Thanks,
    Linksys Phone router: - All IP's are
    D-Link 802.11G Wireless: - All IP's are
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    I'm not sure if IP addresses starting with 0 are legal at all. And to play by the rules, you should use the "official" network addresses for your home network. Use either 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x notation.

    There are several way to go about using two routers. It is up to you what exactly you want to achieve and how it will interfere with the VoIP service.

    You should have posted this in the Networking forum..
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