DVD/CD-R not working

By sxmccall
Aug 8, 2008
  1. More info about the cd rom in my laptop. I have an Insprion 3700 the system driver is Toshiba dvd-rom sdc2302

    On back of module it reads:

    6x dvd-rom/drive module

    type:6x dvd/24xcd

    input ratings 5v=o.8a

    lbl p/n 8605u a00

    When I put in an audio or data cd I can hear it turning and the light comes on but nothing happens. When i view it in my computer and click on the cd drive it says insert a cd so is it faulty or whats going on HELP!!! Which one of the above would be my best buy between the three if the one I have is faulty? Thanks
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    Uninstall the driver. Then restart windows. Windows will automatically re-install driver.
  4. kimsland

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    So tw0rld, you are double posting now?

    This thread to Close
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    sorry didn't see the last line in your reply. My bad!
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