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By yorkie001
Jan 26, 2006
  1. hi i am new to this site it looks very imformative so here goes with my 1st post i have just put 2 new dvd rewriters in my computer the top one as 3 cables leading to it one is the power one is the ide wide ribbon cable and one the audio cable the lower dvd re writer has only 2 cables one is the power cable and one is the wide ribbon cable split from the exsiting top cable all seems fine till i switch on the computer and and look for the drives in my computer panel none of them seems to be there if i disconnect the lower one then swictch on and sarch for the drives in my computer the top one drive (D) is there can any one please tell me what im doing wrong should i have one as the master and one as the slave if so could any one please tell me how to do it i think its some thing to do with changing the plastic cove ron the pins at the back but not really sure so hope some one can help
    many thx
  2. swker98

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  3. yorkie001

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    ok thx for the reply will have a look i thort it might me some thing like setting one as master and one as slave
  4. iss

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    swker98 is on the right track. DVD writers typically come witht he jumper allready set to master. if you put two of them on one IDE cable without changing the jumper of one to slave then you will get exactly what is happening.
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