Dvd`s burned on my dvd-rw, won`t play in my dvd player.

By tony32
Feb 20, 2007
  1. hello all I am new to the group and i have a problem, I bought a 18x super multi dvd rewriter , and i have it hooked up right cause I can burn disc but the problem i am haveing is that it does not play on my dvd player only on my computer. someone help if you can ( thank you

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  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    It would be of help if you told us what program you are using to burn the disks, it is also possible that the type of disks you are using are not compatible with the DVD player, you will need to consult the manufacturers website to see what it can and cant read.

    Lastly never put your email address in a forum such as this , it is an invite for spam and the like, if you must then replace the "@" with the word "at".

  3. SNGX1275

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    Switch types of disks, switch brands, switch burn speeds, even switch to +R which are supposed to be more compatable.

    It also appears you are new to posting on forums because you posted your email and you screwed up your thread title. The link in my signature can help to prevent you from screwing up anymore.

    Incase you decide you don't care to read it, let me explain something. Nobody here is ever going to email you if they "solved" your problem. The whole point of forums is to have problems solved publically. If you can't bother to come check up on YOUR problem what makes you think we can be bothered to email you. It shows your lazyness and lack of respect of the forums. If you really are going to use us like a wh*re, there is a box you can check when you are writing your post (have to click go advanced for this to appear in a reply) where the forum software will shoot you an email anytime someone replies.
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