DVDs corrupted/erased

By docuinternation
Jun 8, 2005
  1. A strange problem. I make my own DVDs (events, documentaries,...) on my computer using Magix (program) and a multi-format DVD burner (Phillips). I noticed that while the DVDs play just fine on three different DVD players at home; when I send them to friends, they work once or twice and then they can't watch them at all, or only the beginning. The further they go into the movie (the longer they watch it) the more problems appear (hanging up, choppyness,...) until they freeze completely. Recently I noticed that at home too. Some (most) of the DVDs I make run fine the first time around and then just freeze or are just generally corruped. Where is the problem? Is it the burner, is it the program, the type of DVD,...? I'm using DVD + and -, R, and RW - it doesn't matter what I use. Did anyone have a problem like that and found a solution?
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    I had to get a new set top DVD player to play the discs I make on my computer. Older players cant read the discs well, especially the ones that use software decoding. I got a Cyberhome player at Bestbuy for $35. Works without a hitch. My 3 year old $200 player did what you're describing.
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    Thanks for the answer. It is true, that the newer ones do work better and I have less problems with my new one as well, however, it doesn't solve the problem. I cannot tell all the family and customers to buy a new DVD player. There is something wrong in the "manufacturing" process and that needs to be found out and solved.
    But thanks for the suggestion.
    best regards
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