Dvi ok vga no signal

By ozworth
Mar 6, 2010
  1. I am trying to repair a computer for a friend of mine.It was given to me yesterday and would not post.I cleared the cmos and all seemed to be fine until i tested it with the vga cable.There is no picture from the moment you power on as in no bios screen nothing.The vga cable has been tested on another computer and is working.DVi works fine still.I cant find any markings on the motherboard that tell me what make it is but i think it has intergrated graphics on the board as there is another vga port on the back.the graphics card is a 9500GS.In the bios i have enabled the pci express as the primary graphics device.I think its a faulty vga port on the back of the gpu but maybe someone here might know better.If this was the case i was thinking of suggesting he buy a dvi to vga adapter.thanks for reading!
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    well buying an adapter would certainly fix the problem if the regular VGA port is bad; he should have one already that came shipped with the card if purchased as an add-on component. do you know what chipset the motherboard uses? you can just run CPU-Z and find the make/model of the motherboard. there may also be information in the BIOS itself. if the computer was built by a manufacturer (i.e. gateway, dell, hp etc...) then you can look up the model of the tower and get the specs.
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