E8400 or Q9450?

By Bubbabigsexy
Jan 24, 2008
  1. So I see that the new E8400's have just come out, cheaper than the E6850's, although I am not sure how that is possible since it is technically a faster chip than the E6850. But anyway, I was going to buy the new Q9450 when it came out. But after reading all the reviews about the speed of the 8400, I am not sure if I should just pick that up and save the $150 that I would be paying on the quad. I do lots of gaming and lots of downloads. So I am not sure which one I should purchase.

    Which would be the faster cpu? An Oc'd E8400 or an OC'd Q9450? What do you think? Which one is the better buy. And what about these "Nehalem?" processors I keep hearing about. What are they and when are they due to come out? I heard it should blow the E8400 out of the water......
  2. CobaltViper

    CobaltViper TS Rookie

    The first nehalem samples should be in October. And I remember hearing that for games Dual cores are generally better, since most games can't spread the load evenly over 4 cores. There are some games that do so, but even then the speed gain is minimal.
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