Emachine restarts automatically after downgrading to XP

By Xzylo
Mar 21, 2011
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  1. I've had alot of trouble with this computer. Ive added ram to it, changed the PSU, and every now and then I could get it on. I quit messing with it for a week or so and for some reason or another It started right up. But I didnt want Vista on it, so I downgraded to windows XP using an Emachine CD I have for a previous Emachine. This emachine has a W3507 Desktop PC/PC on the front of it. Looks like you can identify it by that. The CD, I meen CDs, I'm using has 3 Disk set with a W2888 on the front of it. I figure older versions would work on newer computers. IDK if thats the issue. But, I've already downgraded it.

    When I turn on the computer it will restart automatically before Windows XP even loads. Then it will ask me to do one of the safe mode options or start windows normally the next time it loads up. When I click on any option there it will just restart agian. I've read that Emachines have really bad PSUs. But that doesnt seem to be the issue all the time. For the most part it usually turns on now. Its got 1GB of Ram so that cant be the issue. Doesnt overheat, the fans run just fine. I have a few HDDs, idk what happens exactly when a computer crashes. I assume that meens just the HDD crashes. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems and I'm looking for every solution out there to get this computer running perfect. And mabey that will help me with my other computers too.

    I still have a few more things I'm gonna try, like making a TinyXP ISO Bootable CD and try to put TinyXP on it. Then try Ubuntu.

    Fixed I just put in a new OS. TinyXP, Ubuntu. Everything worked. It was just that CD I used.,

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