Enable Vertical Sync?

By ShoGun187
May 7, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I have just noticed that all of my games runs better when vertical sync is enabled in-game. But here's the problem, i also play a game called Lineage 2, but i cant enable Vertical Sync in-game. So is there any way that i can enable for a game that doesent have the Vertical Sync function in-game, like a program or something?

  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    If you have an ATI card, right click on the desktop, select Propertes-Advanced-3D
  3. ShoGun187

    ShoGun187 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have an Nvidia geforce 6800, i looked around, and i noticed that i could enable it by right clicking on the desktop =)

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