Error: Can't Load OpenGL SubSystem (RtCW)

By bobo
Mar 12, 2002
  1. Could Not Load Opengl Subsystem

    just brought the game, return to castle wolfenstein,
    i have installed it but when i try to run it.
    i have also tried looking for the file in win.ini
    i am running windows xp, my graphics card is a savage4 and i have the rest of the minimum requirements.
    i have tried everything i know but still cant play please please please anyone can u help me?

  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    Check to see if there are any newer drivers available for that graphics card.
    Other than that you'd have to try running in software rendering with the r_allowSoftwareGL "1" command in your config file.
    Probably be far better off getting a new graphics card though.
  3. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    Another thing you might look into is making sure that you have an up to date DirectX.
  4. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    That'd only afect the sound, but thats not the problem.
  5. Demiurg

    Demiurg TS Rookie Posts: 85

  6. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Try going to and download the latest glsetup, and download OpenGL 2.0. It could be that you don't have OpenGL installed :p. But, also try Demiurg's link.

    Is your video card on PCI or AGP?
  7. sexylexy18

    sexylexy18 TS Rookie

    I need help too!

    I am SO lost! :( . I have the same problem with Wolfenstein enemy territories. I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what to do about this OpenGL subsystem thing!? I am so clueless :dead: ??? I have Matrox G-100 display adapter so if you can provide me with the link of the site where I can download this stupid Open GL thing that'd be great. Thanks! :cool:
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