Error code 07915

By bwh
Nov 12, 2008
  1. sevrice number HKXD921 express sevice code 38270668825 after 3 trys error code 07915 this a laptop from a salvation army store came with no ard drive bad lcd and after all that i get this last hope thanks inspiron 2650
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  3. bwh

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    thank i will try this and get back with you have to go for now
  4. kimsland

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    Also I stuffed up and edited out your model number with the error code
    But the model number is still important, Sorry :blush:
    You may need to Edit (located in the bottom right of your original post) it back in to the post, as I can't remember it


    Actually it is there, already. I must be going cuckoo :) Or you just put it back in (Ah! that's it!)
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