Error launching CS:S, DOD:S, HL2DM

By Unexplanetory
Jan 28, 2007
  1. When i try to launch Half Life 2, HL2DM, CS:S, DOD:S i get a crashing error every time:

    AppName: hl2.exe AppVer: ModName: shaderapidx9.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0002e5fa

    I have reinstalled DirectX 9.0c, Sound Drivers, Video Card Drivers, BIOS

    I have formatted my computer, I have reinstalled windows, i have reinstalled all of the above games as well.

    Heres my current config:

    AMD 3800+ Dual core
    2 gigs corsair ram
    BFG Nvidia Geforce 6600gt oc
    ASUS A8V-MX Mobo

    I have even tried downloading and installing the Nvidia BETA drivers as well.

    Judging from the error it seems like a DX9 related issue, but all of my other games play fine, only those dont work.

    I have tried everything over quite a long time period and still no success. I used to play this fine on the same system until i messed up my directX then i reformatted and it wont work.

    I have checked Valve Customer support, ASUS, Nvidia, ect.

    If there is anything anyone knows the help would be appreciated, i go nuts when stuff wont work!

    Thank You everyone in advance.
  2. stephen777

    stephen777 TS Rookie Posts: 18

    is it just source games it does it for?
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