error message: 51, 03, 0XE15610000 ??

By Mr_GT_Mustang
Oct 16, 2006
  1. :confused: I have been getting an error message that says this
    tech Info: 0X00000051 (0X00000003,0X00000003,0X00000000,0XE1561000) and then some times it has a different one for the last digit, it is E14EE600
    I am trying to fix this pc for my Auntie; my nephew changed the voltage on the back of the pc and then plugged it in to the wall. The Power supply still gets power to the Mother board but it doesn’t boot up. So I unplugged the network card and the floppy and the two DVD ROMs and then it acted like it was going to boot up but after windows tried to start this message came up?
    Is there any help you can give me or some direction?

    Thanks Mr_gt_Mustang
  2. mickzer

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