Error: the parameter is incorrect

By gmamolson
May 8, 2008
  1. I have xp home edition and just installed sp3. The installation went fine until i needed to restart the computer. After the restart, i had 2 cmd windows open up on my desktop say: error: the parameter is incorrect. Is this a problem?
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  3. gmamolson

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    the error is not coming up anymore after a reboot. I did have Avira and Comodo Firewall running when i installed the update. if i do have sasser on my pc maybe i should double check with another anti-spyware product.. Do you have any suggestion? Oh i do run trendmicro online sometimes. the link you sent was also helpful...

    Thank you

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    Probably just the 2nd item then - clean your temp folders and caches once a week.

    Windowes Defender actually works not badly as an 'alerter'.
  5. gmamolson

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    errror: parameter is incorrect

    I will install windows defender. I don't like ad-aware 2007 i think it is junk.

    thanks for input
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