Errors and Blockage of Web Pages after IE 8 download

By tcbrb46
Apr 16, 2009
  1. I have Windows xp with Internet Explorer 7. I downloaded IE 8 everything works fine except I get error messages in some sites I previously had no problems with and now can't access. Also my main web page I noticed a blank area where there use to be advertising. Something in IE 8 is stopping access of some ads and web pages. How can I fix? I looked over the new Safety bar but nothing changes.
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    I guess this is only a config thing. you need to try what security level suits you best and maybe add some sites to the trusted websites. did you use any third party popup blockers or other tools that may conflict with ie8? try switch them off for a test...
    I don't think there is a default setting for all users in the world which somebody can tell you...
  3. tcbrb46

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    Errors and Blockage of Web Pages after IE 8 is downloaded

    Thanks. I didn't do anything other than download IE 8. It seems that certain ad's are blocked and if a particular web page uses ads from the same site there is a error message and it won't let you in the site. I added IE to my newer laptop and had the same problem for a day. Then the problem stopped. Something changed. I just read from microsoft troubleshooting that I can reset ie 8 or use the fix button, or just unload IE 8. I will try it today. Something caused a switch or block in the download.
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    I'm not sure what your problem is! Many to most of us would rather have ad blocked! If that's the only 'problem', the try lowering your security level. Be aware that the final IE8 hasn't been out too long an bugs will still need working out.

    The instruction for ad blocking/unblocking in IE8:
    See if this was done. If it bothers you, reverse it. I use Firefox with the AdBlock Plus and easy List add-ons. I'm happy to say that I see a lot of white space!
  5. tcbrb46

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    Errors and Blockage of Web Pages after IE download

    Thanks for the info. Its not that I like ads but there is some relationship with some web pages that I use daily that no longer work. I get to the web page then a error message pops up and the web page closes. I'm thinking it has something to do with ads as I have a blank spot on my browser ( that had ads and stopped working the same time I have been blocked from some sites. It may be a radio button that may have changed in some advance setting that blocks a site if you download IE 8 on some computers such as my laptop. One of the sites I can't get into is I guess I will just have to keep trying different things. It's probably something simple.
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    Let's organize and problem solve:
    Here is what I'm getting out of these comment:
    Next step- let's clarify this:
    Have you checked the Restricted Zone> Sites in IE to see if any site have been put there?
    Unless the page is a know danger in which case you would get some type of alert, it's not likely that a blocked ad would prevent a page from loading.

    And if this problem began only after you installed IE8, have you considered uninstalling it and going back to IE7- maybe trying IE8 at a later time? You don't have to use IE8!

    The more information we have, the better we can help you.
  7. tcbrb46

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    Errors and Blockage of Web Pages after IE download Problem fixed

    Problem fixed. I uninstalled IE 8 and I am able to access the website. It appears that not seeing ads on had no relation to not being able to access the web page that I go to every day. Something in IE 8 would not allow access to a particular site. The error message was "Sorry for the inconvience but internet explorer must close." The web page came on but when it finished (done) the error message appeared and would close the site. Your only choice was to click the close button then the site was off.

    I checked Tools and security and could not find anything that indicated that particular site should be blocked. I downloaded IE on my newer laptop and did not have any problem with the same site. I have windows xp on both laptops. Also checked the restricted site and found nothing. There was nothing wrong with the web site as it worked ok on my other laptop. Something about the web site, IE 8, and this particular computer is something that is not compatable? Anyway I will take your advice and maybe try IE 8 again some other time. Thanks for the help.
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    I note that you are now referring to only a single web site, rather than multiple ones as was indicated in your original post. There is a big difference between single vs multiple. It is not unusual for a site to have a problem if, for instance, work is being done on it, or if some change was made but your system still has the temporary internet files ans Cookie from it.

    And sometimes a site will have a temporary problem that you will never know about!

    You might want to read this about IE8:
  9. tcbrb46

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    Errors and Blockage of Web Pages after IE download

    Thanks for the info. I read the article most people I know don't need IE 8. I like to stay on top of things but not at the expense of memory and speed. I like to keep my computer in good running order as long as I can. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Bobbye

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  11. tcbrb46

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    errors and blockage of web pages after IE 8 is installed

    Thank you for the reply and your time. I removed IE 8 and everything is back to normal. You are right new is not always better. Most people like to keep up with improvements and usually upgrade. In my case my newer laptop IE 8 works fine. But my older laptop things stopped working even though everything is up to date and have plenty of Ram. It appears to be one of those hidden glitches. Again thanks and I will look into your recommendations. Also, I checked out the article you posted for me to read and it was an eye opener. I passed it along to some friends who were considering downloading IE 8.
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