Ethernet connection

By mamo
Jun 7, 2008
  1. hello, lightning fell near my house and since then can I no longer connect to the network via the ethernet cable. I connect to the Internet only via usb. There is no light that turns into the ethernet or on computers, not even in modem. Is there a way to know if there is a problem with the computer or modem?

    thank you
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Some manufactures have diagnostic programs (or discs) that can be downloaded and tests run to confirm hardware is working properly. So you might want to go to your manufactures website (of your computer or motherboard) and check.

    But I feel that if the little green light does not display on your present ethernet port (when the network cable is plugged in) Then I suspect the lightening has caused some hardware fault to it (and possibly to other parts of your computer.

    Also, you can purchase a new PCI (internal to PCs) ethernet card, to get back to an ethernet connection again.
  3. NetCablesPlus

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    This exact thing happened to a neighbor a year ago. Lightning struck the ground close to his house and ended up buring out his NIC card.
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