Everytime I restart my computer it crashes blue screen "crash dump"

By TiffCurran
Feb 1, 2013
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  1. Hi my computer keeps crashing everytime I restart it, A blue screen pops up and it says "crash dump" and something to do with memory. Windows then tries to fix the problem but it fails and I end up having to restore my computer back to an earlier time. I downloaded a registry check cleaner a few weeks ago and it said it fixed all the scripts with errors. After my computer kept crashing, I then cleaned out my entire local disk c deleting a lot, including the registry check cleaner. I have tried disk defragmenter and that has not worked either. There is hardly anything of my local disk c other then things from windows in which I need. I dont understand why my computer keeps doing this, I have very little downloads on my computer just adobe reader, norton antivirus. When I am on internet explorer I get the message "script error on page do you still want to run the page?" So that is making me think there is sript errors? Is that fixable? How do I fix this? I am very very very cautious about downloading stuff of the internet now due to this so im wondering if theres something I can download thats safe that will fix my computer or steps to do it manually! Please Help, This is my laptop for university and its very fustrating having to restore it and lose all my work everytime my computer shuts off. Its a HP Probook 4530s windows 7 professional PLEASE HELP! lol
  2. terry5880

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  3. TiffCurran

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    Thanks but I did all those methods, it stops the script error messages on certain websites but it does not stop my computer from crashing every time I restart it. I cant use Norton removal tool because when it needs to restart to finalize removing the norton it crashes and I have to restore it to before I used the norton removal tool, and my norton is not responding.
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    Norton is corrupt and you will have to format and re-install Windows fresh. This sound a bit harsh, but it is the fastest way to get your computer back up and running normally. Stay away from Norton in the future
  5. terry5880

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    I agree with magic and he is always right gives good advice ... norton is rubbish in my personal opinion.. save anything u want like pictures videos then fresh reinstall
  6. TiffCurran

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    Ok thanks guys!! I will try that and see what happens! :)

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