Expected download speed with uTorrent

By texteditor
May 3, 2009
  1. Can someone please tell me what download speeds I can expect from UTorrent?
    I am on talktalk broadband
    Speed tests show between 5060Kbps and 4978Kbps
    Port is frowarded correctly
    I have set a static port
    Forced encryption is on

    On a Sunday morning (today) Iam getting download speeds of between 3.3KB/s and 23KB/s and eta figures of between 1d 16h and infinity

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    You should be able to max out your download capacity.

    Either you aren't connected to many seeders, or they are all severely capping their upload. Or your ISP is throttling you. Or something else I'm not thinking of right now. Bottom line is you should be able to dl as fast as your downstream allows.

    Change the port off the default and set up port fowarding properly again. Then turn on encryption, and cap your max upload to about 75% of what you can do, perhaps a bit less. Other than that just read up on how to increase your torrent speed, there are thousands of sites that have information on that.
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