Fable: The lost chapters, need help on this one

By Psycho_Fox
Sep 22, 2008
  1. I just bought the game, albeit it was cheap, and there seems to be a bug or something... I can play the part where you're still a kid and have to find a present for your sister but the part after the strange man teleports you, there's no video... I can still hear the dialogue but the video doesn't show... My videocard is nvidia geforce go 7300, and my laptop meets all the system requirements... please give any insight as to wtf is happening...
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  3. Psycho_Fox

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    Thanks, but...

    I went through EVERYTHING you told me to.. Nothing seems to be working.. I reinstalled it, the driver for the video card is up-to-date.. I even tried begging the game.. It still only lets me play the very first part as a kid.. When the game advances the storyline to the guild, after the loading and the autosave, the screen is black but the sound continues.. I even put it's video settings at it's lowest and still nothing..

    Thanks for trying to help..

    I'm starting to think that my laptop's doing this just to spite me.. Just giving me a small taste and then yanking it away as it gets good..
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