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By batfink
Dec 1, 2008
  1. Hello yesterday whilst using facebook I received a mail from a friend telling me that I looked hilarious in this video I clicked on the link and ofcourse it took me to a fake youtube site and I managed to download a virus.

    My Norton 360 doesn't seem to pick it up, however when I run Avast it finds a
    JS:Agent-CV[Trj} in location C;\windows\temp if i delete it and reboot my pc it simply comes back.

    I've run the 8 steps sugested that are on this site under topic58138 ive attached the logs for two of the programs and the Superantispyware which i cant find the log for has quarantined
    adware.E404 Helper/Hij

    Any advice on how to clean up my computer and also what security precautions I should take would very greatfully accepted.


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  2. Kazi

    Kazi TS Enthusiast Posts: 121

    you have not uninstalled Norton completely i suggest

    go all the way to the bottom and use norton removal tool

    any symtoms happening?

    Also delete this

    If you are still infected say something



    Install spybot search and destroy
    Don't do any of the step 1-7
    First update and download all updates from mirror Bnfileforum
    go to immunizations and immunize
    don't scan


    Install and update this
    On protection status at the bottom
    click enable all protection after updating

    Be sure to update these once a week
    These put a bunch of bad urls into your restricted list
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