Factory restore is best bet?

By Frogshark40
Apr 19, 2008
  1. My other thread.

    In my other thread, I got stuck at a point and now I'm rendered useless... I had alot of trojans and things wrong with my computer and I think it may of fixed it but I just don't wanna continue trying to fix it.

    I was wondering If a Factory Restore is the best bet to get rid of all viruses, up the speed of my comp. Also, because a restore is only a temp fix, you would have to get the best software, is there a list of software that is RECOMMENDED to use to protect against anything?

    /edit...apperently you cant do a "factory restore", well maybe ill get more hits on my other thread
  2. roxbury

    roxbury TS Rookie

    Maybe some help

    Why cant u do a factory restore?
    If u built the computer ur self u cant for sure.
    But u can still reinstall the system and FORMAT the computer!

    What programs to use to be safe?

    Get a router with firewall built in.
    spybot s&d
    lavasoft ad-aware
    microsoft antispy thing +++

    Any help for ya?

    Best regards

    It Support 1
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