Fake Windows Security Alerts

By superclown
Oct 13, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I have been dealing with a few viruses in the past day, and this one is really eluding me. Every few minutes a fake Windows Security Alert, made to look like Windows Firewall, gives me a warning about a Trojan, and tries to link me to a website to buy a spyware remover product.

    Another symptom seems to be be that it resets my desktop background sometimes when I turn my computer on. It puts up an image of another fake warning window. This may not be connected, however. I don't know

    I saw a few different answers to this problem on the internet elsewhere, but they seemed very computer-specific, and I don't want to just start messing around without asking someone who knows what is going on :)

    I ran Hijack This, and this is my logfile:

    EDIT: I had to split my logfile between two posts. See the first reply for the rest of my logfile...

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. swker98

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  3. kingcomp

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    I beleive I have seen something like this before, in my case it was asking me to purchase Antivirus for Windows 2009 (or some variant of that name). Anyway it is spyware and it can be very effectively cleaned up by using malwarebytes antimalware, located at
  4. pimpmypc

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    That trojan is win antivirus 2008 i think somthing like that its a pain. try avg free to remove it.
  5. momok

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    No program acts as a one-stop malware removal device. Please run through the 8 step malware sticky and post the required logs as attachments.
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